How will AR Technology Disrupt the Workplace?

geoffrey-byruch-arAugmented Reality (AR) is an extension of Virtual Reality (VR) that has taken its own form. You can view digital information on top of the real world, such as placing a screen with extra details about a sign or a product while still seeing the real world on your screen. 

AR is all about delivering information with ease, but what specific benefits are out there? Here are a few ways that AR will disrupt the workplace as we know it.

Warehouse Management Made Easier

Where should this box go? Which aisles have which products? Even though robotics are also disrupting warehousing, there are still times when a manual, human touch is needed.

To figure out where certain items are in a warehouse, you either need a map or a catalog of some sort for reference, or a lot of time to get familiar with the layout. With AR, you get a much better reference.

Instead of constantly looking up and down at a plain text reference or a map that needs to be confirmed, an AR screen can display the location and details in real-time. An example AR technique would be to tap or click a device to open more information.

You could search for an item and get a map on the screen that would point in the right direction. You could also select an object or area in front of you to see what is stored or to see information about the object.

Training and Quality Control During the Job

When working on a job, visual cues are important. Knowing where to cut, drill, place items, or otherwise manipulate the work can be boosted with AR.

AR designers would be able to create a virtual display of the work, and show the worker how they should move with the task. This can use both VR and AR, since the image can either be moving and virtual or simply a still image to follow.

When a worker sees how it should be done, they can make an attempt and compare the final results. Step-by-step videos can be played on screen as well, as AR can inspire other technology areas to create other ways to help workers.

For more information on AR’s benefits to the workplace, contact a business technology consultant.